Tim’s Story: Dedicated To Bettering Himself

Tim Suby spends the majority of his day sitting, as he is a bus driver. By the time he gets off of work, he is ready to move.

So, that’s when he typically goes to Crossfit.

Tim began Crossfit in August of 2016. He joined for a number of reasons, including his sedentary job and a history of heart issues in his family, as well as a desire to stay in shape for his hobbies.

“I knew I needed to stay in shape,” he said. “I like to go to Yellowstone to hike, and I usually do that once a year. It’s a whole lot nicer to get up and not feel like you’re dying. I also curl in the winter, and that had been main motivation for working out.”

Tim started by taking the Foundations class, which is designed to teach people the basics of Crossfit before they begin normal classes.

“It was all new,” Tim said. “I’ve never really done free weights. I’ve always been on machines. And some of the movements were new, too. I’d never done a burpee before that, even when I was a wrestler.”

With a history of depression, Suby has found that Crossfit has given him an outlet and also

forced him out of his comfort zone.

“My life imploded when I lived in Rochester 11 years ago and I ended up here,” he said. “Two things started getting me out of my shell — curling and when I started going to Crossfit.”

Though some days are still difficult, Suby says he often feels better after working out.

“I still have bad days driving the bus and I’m frustrated, then I go workout and I’m not frustrated anymore,” he said. “The day was still bad, but it’s OK because I lifted or got through a WOD.”

According to Tim, the coaches at Crossfit Repo have made a difference in his fitness journey.

“They really take time to know you, even though you’re in a class situation,” he said. “It all takes time and it’s a relationship you form with them. They get to know how to motivate you.”

Tim says it also helps that one of the coaches, Mike Powell, is a chiropractor.

“People get worried about Crossfit being quantity over quality, but I think especially with Doc (Powell) being a chiropractor, it’s very technique-driven,” Tim said. “They’re really good at working through the technique.”

One of the advantages to being in Crossfit is that working out takes place in a group setting. For Tim, this has been beneficial because the group motivates him.

“When I was working out by myself, I could easily walk away from a workout,” he said. “Now, you’re within the group and you know they’re not judging. They’re pushing you, but they’re not judging. I think I have an advantage of being not a superstar athlete. I have the advantage of being near the end of every WOD and they have to come cheer me on.”

Though Tim enjoys the day-to-day aspects of Crossfit, he says he knows he will never compete, which is OK with him.

“I’ll never be a competitor,” he said. “It’s not for me. I’m a scaled guy. I look at RX weights and go, ‘Nope.’”

With his first year of Crossfit under his belt, Tim says he looks forward to what the future will bring.

“It’s just been a fun journey,” he said. “Yeah, there will be movements I will always hate, like running. If you’ve ever seen me run, it’s not considered a run by anyone’s standards excerpt me. But I feel really blessed I am in this community. It comes down to the box and the people in it.”

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