Jan Payne



Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

In the spring of 2014, JP sustained an injury that lead him to go to the doctor, where he learned he was the heaviest he had ever been. At that point, he began walking two miles each day, then began running after six weeks. Along with diet changes, the weight began to fall off.
A CrossFit box had opened in town, but he didn’t know of any men going. So JP and a friend asked the owner if she would add a morning class for “15 farmer dudes.” The group was hooked.
By spring of 2016, the box owner asked JP to lead some of the classes.
“I had a lot fun with it that week,” he said. ” I found myself being encouraged by Heather (owner) some athletes and my wife to get my level 1.”
In summer of 2016, JP got his level 1 certification. JP had dropped in at CrossFit Repo in the past and upon moving to the Alexandria area, he ran into owner Chris Johnson, who asked if he’d be interested in coaching.
“I’m definitely a people person, so coaching is great fit,” JP said. “What I enjoy is helping athletes embrace the small wins. It’s big deal coming through that door to box. I dropped 70 pounds and kept it off. At 48 years of age I’m literally in best shape of my life. I want my athletes to know that’s possible and to believe in themselves. Be patient, keep working, eat right. This is not a quick fix.”

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