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Chris Johnson

Chris learned the importance of being fit as a three-sport athlete in high school. That, he says, carried over into his service in the United States Marines. “The Marines are physically demanding and because of that, it led me to a lifetime of fitness,” he said. “I used that fitness to compete in in rugby, …

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Amanda Anderson

As a self-trained runner and triathlete, Amanda had never touched a barbell before beginning CrossFit in February 2014. But she quickly found that weight lifting fulfilled something she had been missing previously. In time, she decided to get certified to coach in hopes of helping bring the CrossFit Repo community to others. “I found myself …

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Jan Payne

In the spring of 2014, JP sustained an injury that lead him to go to the doctor, where he learned he was the heaviest he had ever been. At that point, he began walking two miles each day, then began running after six weeks. Along with diet changes, the weight began to fall off. A …

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Paul Fitterer

Being a high school athlete and having a love of the outdoors, Paul has been active his entire life. But once graduating those athletic outlets were gone, and that’s where CrossFit filled the void perfectly. Paul says the first time he walked into a gym in 2014 he was nervous, but he’s been hooked ever …

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Beth Leipholtz

As a lifelong athlete, Beth was looking for a way to get back in shape after graduating from college. She walked into CrossFit Repo one day in 2016 and never looked back. Something about it lit a fire in her, and she enjoys pushing herself physically and mentally during every single workout. While Beth enjoys …

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