A new partnership: Streich, Johnson team up as Repo co-owners

A new year has brought new ownership to CrossFit Repo — and alongside new ownership has come new energy, new classes and new plans.

As of January 1, Chris Johnson took over the half of the gym previously owned by Mike Powell. Johnson and Corey Streich are now co-owners of the gym.

Discovering CrossFit

Both Johnson and Streich have a fitness and military background, which has made them mesh from the get-go.

“Fitness has always been huge in my life, just based on what I did for a living,” Johnson said. “In the military, I used to guard President Clinton. Physical fitness was always huge there because you always had to be ready to act.”

After his time with the Marines, Johnson moved into a career in law enforcement, where his physical fitness remained a priority. He began running and competing in ultramarathons, which are 32-plus miles. Because he wanted to get stronger, he decided to try CrossFit in 2015.

“Once I got into it I was sold,” he said. “This family is the closest thing I have ever seen to my brothers in the Marines. This is something I wanted to be part of, without a doubt. When one of us suffers, we all suffer. When one of us does great, we all do great. I can’t think of a better way to live life.”

Streich served in the U.S. Army for about six years. Lifting had always been a passion, but in 1994, he injured his knee badly. He underwent 10 surgeries and doctors told him he would never lift again.

Then, five years ago, Streich’s wife wanted to try CrossFit.

“She dragged me along,” Streich said. “I said I will go one time. We went once, did an hour’s worth of a workout. I got my butt kicked, laid in the fetal position and told her (wife) to sign us up for a year. That was pretty much the start of it.”

Three years later, Streich became Powell’s partner in the business.  

Forging a partnership

Streich’s previous co-owner, Powell, had a five-year plan for the box. This January marked five years, so Powell approached Johnson to gauge his interest in taking over his half.

“He’s a motivated guy with a history of service and leadership which is what it takes to lead this group,” Powell said. “Couple that with his success in business and it’s a great fit.”

Johnson says the idea appealed to him immediately, but he had to talk it over with his wife.

“I said, ‘Let me think about it,’” Johnson said. “It didn’t take long to sell me but I had to bring Kelly (Johnson’s wife) along. She was hesitant, but she believes in this box, too.”

When Powell approached Streich with the idea, he was on board.

“The minute Doc (Powell) brought it to my attention, I was excited,” Streich said. “Of course I was sad, changing from Doc to somebody new, but in the same breath, I’ve known Chris since 1988 and we’re both being military. Having that background, that drive, that desire, being both like minded physically, mentally, with life experiences, I immediately thought, ‘Yes, this is going to be a great fit.’”

And so far it has. Johnson officially took over as co-owner on January 1, and so far the transition has been a smooth one.

“Chris is really good on the business end, with memberships, partnerships with businesses, that’s his forte and his drive,” Streich said. “Mine is more the day-to-day stuff, the athletes, the programming, competitors programming and helping athletes move into competitions. It works really well.”

The biggest changes this year will mostly be on the back end, according to Streich. However, Streich and Johnson plan to focus on growing membership and fine tuning new classes such as GoFit.

“We’re also trying to reach out and getting some younger athletes, like high school age,” Streich said. “Not necessarily to get them in the young athletes program, but just to get into CrossFit.”

In the meantime, Johnson says, he’s looking forward to his new role.

“I’m very excited to be part of it,” Johnson said. “I’ve always been part of it, but it’s exciting to actually lead the way and what direction we want to take this place.”

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